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 French Bulldogs
Affectionately referred to as the Frenchie! 
A charming little clown that will capture your heart and fill your home with laughter!

Frenchies are full of life, mischief and lots of cuddles.
Super affectionate, but with a stubborn streak that will try your patience...

Until he cocks his head 
 gives you that precious​
little "look"!

The look that melts your heart and reassures his position in your home.
It is often said that you will never "own" a Frenchie, but they will own you forever!

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" No matter how little  money or possessions you own
                                        a dog makes you feel rich    "
     " Such short lives our dogs     
             have.....to spend most of it 
      waiting for us to return home
                         each day"