Puppy Tales n' bits of Inspiration.
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   The Puppy Patch
                Puppies are shown by appointment only.

Our dogs require a great deal of our time, and their needs must come first in our busy day.......so please do call to set up a time to come visit.
I do not show my puppies, nor conduct business on Sunday, in an attempt to set aside that time for worship and family time.                  Thank-you for your understanding!
 N529 Klemp Road
 Fremont WI 54940

Please phone us at 920-419-5042                  

 email :  info@puppy-patch.net
.       920-419-5042   

Puppy Tales n' bits of Inspiration.


by Patricia Lewis on 03/26/19

Well my friends it appears that the big thaw is over and Spring in Wisconsin has arrived!  My early Spring bulbs have popped up to say hello...always a happy reunion time for me.
However with the snow cover melting also comes the numerous doggy bombs left behind that have been long buried under a blanket of white.  SPRING.....the time of regeneration and massive clean up.             I love it.
I cannot wait to get my hands into the dirt, kick off my shoes and soak up some badly needed vitamin D.
Spring is also the time to remember your furry friends and begin treating for heartworm and perhaps consider  the prevalence of LYME disease in your area and protect your companions.
Enjoy the season my friends, see you soon!

Winter in WI

by Patricia Lewis on 02/07/19

                      We Wisconson-ites are a tough lot, aren't we?

With the snow and ice and freezing temps we've experienced these past weeks it is important to keep our fur babies safe.
Remember: sweaters, coats and fast trips out to do their duties .
Tender paws need protection from salt and ice.
Consider laying a piece of plastic or cardboard down  on frozen ground for little puppies to potty on. 
Keep safe. Spring is around the corner friends....well maybe more than one corner!               See you soon, Patti

               "Everyone thinks they have the best dog......
                                         and none of them are wrong".