My Health Warranty 
Each puppy sold  will leave our home with a signed written health warranty. Each puppy is guaranteed to be free of existing illness and congenital defect at the time of purchase. Additionally,  puppy is guaranteed to be free of any congenital defect arising in the first year, that would cover anything life threatening or seriously disabling.. Our puppies will not leave until they have had the recommended immunizations and d-wormings appropriate for their age at the time of sale. 
         No puppy will leave here until at least 8 weeks of age.

                  I am a state of WI licensed breeder #468488. 
                            Each puppy will be Vet checked !

               Our puppy care protocol includes: Feeding ONLY premium feed, no corn, soy or other useless fillers. Your puppy will get a nutritional edge by eating a premium, all natural puppy food.
We are presently feeding:    NutriSource
​                                                       Small/ Medium Breed Puppy

 D-worming schedule that begins at 2 weeks of age and every  2 weeks until the puppy is 8 weeks of age.          

          Each puppy will receive at a minimum:
       A first Parvo vaccine, a Distemper and Adeno vaccine.
 A written record of health care and our recommendations for continuing care given to the new owner.

 Attention to detail and careful observance of your puppy will ensure that you are receiving a puppy that is healthy and ready to begin his transition to become a member of your family! You can take your new puppy home confident that he has been given the best beginning possible, thorough  breeding practices and a pro-active approach to canine health.(not to mention lots of love and attention)! We are available to provide supportive services during the puppy period .........and beyond. We are here for you, no question is "silly" when it comes to a new puppy and his care. Please allow the wisdom of 24 + years of breeding and raising dogs to assist you in your new adventure..  

  Your puppy will also go home on a wonderful supplement, 
   NuVet Plus

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Or to order over the phone call Nuvet        directly at         1-800-474-7044  Use order code 73100 to receive your discount.

"Whoever said you cannot buy happiness...never        
                                                    owned a puppy"