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                   GOING HOME!     
Each puppy that leaves our home will do so ONLY after we have gone over the details relating to your new puppies transition. I will not allow your puppy to leave until I am confident that his or her care is understood, by you.We will go over methods to minimize the stress that a young puppy may feel when leaving it's mother and litter mates.
The first hours and days in a new environment are very difficult on a young puppy and it is imperative that your puppy be watched carefully and given lots of TLC to ensure that the puppy experiences the least amount of stress possible.

Your new puppy will go home with:

Detailed instructions to prevent undue stress.Health history/Health warranty and ongoing health care instructions.
A bag of the food he is eating (and where to buy it)
Nu-Vet vitamins for the health of your growing puppy.
A folder filled with tips and puppy training tricks.
A blanket with the scents of his Mom and litter-mates.
A "homecoming bag" filled with goodies

Our commitment to you...to be here to advise and counsel you in the care of your new puppy!

Above all........ your puppy will go home after receiving the best start in life that only good breeding and excellent care can provide!May your family experience the joy and pleasure that owning a happy healthy puppy can bring! 

   " Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them 
              and filling an emptiness we didn't know we had "
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