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                         I am currently raising :
                         French Bulldogs                                      Teddy Bears
          Occasional other small Hybrids

Please feel free to move through my site to learn more about me and breeding practices.

I'd be happy to help you find that new furry family member.

If you're in no hurry let me stroll with you  through a few of my flower gardens.

                 Life is so very busy.
 Don't forget to slow down a bit, my friend.
Take time to inhale deeply, love without reservation an remember to:
       Smell the Roses
            Kiss the baby
               Cuddle a puppy and
                   Spend time with God!
              Each day is truly a gift, 
             do not take it for granted.

​WI Dog breeder license # 468488
" There is no faith that has never been broken
                                           except that of a faithful dog"

             Please come on in and lets get acquainted!
 Take some time and check us out.....I love making new friends and sharing my passions here at The Puppy Patch.
         So pour a cup of coffee or a cold beverage 
         and spend a little time getting to know me!

The photos on this page are a glimpse of the beauty of this property we call Son Rise Acres!

I am blessed to be given the opportunity to nurture this land that the Lord has lent us 
                  Please take a virtual stroll with me....
         you can almost smell the fragrance of the flowers!

           Yes  ....even in the cold of a  Wisconsin winter, beauty is at hand.

            The blooms of Spring and Summer lie waiting for the sun to once again                warm the earth from which they will rise again!